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Let’s introduce our speaker, Dory Soekamti.He is the guitarist of Endank Soekamti, as well as the manager of Euforia Music Publisher.

Euforia Music Publisher has started from Dory’s concern. He concerns about the ignorance of musicians about the importance of managing copyrighted works, protecting and empowering their work.

In Jogjakarta there isn’t yet the publisher that support the musician in making the music works, then they should go to Jakarta to protect and manage their copyrighted works.With Euforia Music Publisher, Dory has a desire to embrace music composers in Jogjakarta and enlarge to the entire Nusantara. He also wants to make Jogjakarta as a city known as the advanced music industry, which is competitive to other big cities in Indonesia.

Want to know more about Euforia Music? And want to meet Dory Soekamti? So, prepare yourself and join this music talk! He will be present on the first day (6th September) at 4 PMYou can get your pass through our contact person below!CP +62 821 1454 0241

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